Friday, May 13, 2005


Identity Crisis 2!

"Dude, I've Seen The Future. We Are SO Screwed."
Originally uploaded by Devon Sanders.
Poetry from the man who brought you "If You Had A Brain, You'd Be Dangerous..."

For Ray (Palmer).
Stupid man!
Why chose a power that makes your meat smaller
Giant-Man makes his taller
little meat
small sections
Apache Chief
gets the big erections
Superman, faster than a speeding bullet
he'll never be alone
Palmer will have to pull it.
Stupid man.
Stupid man!
Look there's Giganta
Another villain whips "it" out!
So, that's why he's called "Black Manta"
Stupid, lonely Ray.

See what FCBD does to store manager's brain?

Record that to musis, Devon, and I'll put it on Superhero Radio...
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