Sunday, September 24, 2017


CBR's Brian Cronin Answers My Question: Was Huntress Going To Be The Queen of Checkmate?

Buddy Brian Cronin of CBR answered a question that's been bugging me for over a decade, "Was Huntress going to be the Queen of Checkmate?"

The answer has finally been told!

Be sure to follow Brian at CBR as his stuff is some of my favorite in comics fandom.

Thanks, Brian!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


My New Bleeding Cool Article: The DC Universe And The Rebirth Of Finding Joy In Comics

My latest article is up!

Rounding out a trilogy of articles I wrote about the state of DC's comic universes. Find out what's making my comics fun again.

Monday, August 07, 2017


Books You Deserve To Be Reading: Sugar & Spike: Metahuman Investigations

After nearly thirty years, why is there not a KeithGiffen-verse of DC Comics?

Keith Giffen, revitalizer of Justice Leagues and Blue Beetles. Creator of Ambush Bug, Lobo and The Heckler. This man gets to do things at DC that most would never dream of. He largely gets to make enjoyable, largely standalone comics. This go-round, he's tasked with bringing a bright and sunny and lesser known DC Comics humor property into the, at the time, dark and fairly disjointed New 52 and it's soft reboot, DC You.

They're not investigators of the goofy and charged with saying the charms of DC's Silver Age of comics are canon and the results are pretty wonderful.

From an appearance to Batman villain Killer Moth and the existence of zebra striped Batman uniforms to a forgotten island terraformed into the shape of Superman, every page makes you wonder, "Why did any of this happen before?!?"

Giffen is given the chance to go wild and every page gives you the feeling he's asking this question as much for himself as he is for us and of The DC Universe, itself.

And man, Bilquis Evely, one look at her art and you just knew they weren't going to keep her on a niche book like this one for too long. (And, she wasn't as her next assignment was Wonder Woman.)

There's a charm in her line that just shines especially when she gets to illustrate the Silver Age Legion of Superheroes. Whatever she does next will definitely go into my "BUY" pile.

So, if you miss the ridiculous fun of DC 's yesteryears, SUGAR AND SPIKE: METAHUMAN INVESTIGATIONS is a book you deserve to be reading.

Monday, July 10, 2017


Metal #1

With this one page from DC Comics' upcoming Metal #1 featuring The Blackhawks, Starman, T.O. Morrow, Will Magnus, The Metal Men, The Challengers of The Unknown and yes, I see Red Tornado, I'm feeling pretty good about where DC Comics is headed.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Thank you, Old Chum.

He was my first and in so many ways, best Batman.

His Batman/Bruce Wayne was one of the first things I remember bringing a smile to my young face.

He was my first and favorite babysitter.

Last year, I got a chance to meet Adam West along with Burt Ward and was able to tell him just how much joy his performances meant to me.

He made me want to be one of the good guys.

Thank you so much, Adam West.

Monday, March 20, 2017


Kyle To The Corps

Ion. White Lantern, The Green Man.

Green Lantern.

After nearly a decade of downgrading, Kyle Rayner looks to be back where he belongs: in a crab mask and in The Green Lantern Corps and I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.

Yes, Kyle, initially, sucked at being a Lantern but that's because he was us.

He was us as a Green Lantern.

He wasn't meant for the ring but accepted the responsibility behind it. All the while doing so with no Corps or Guardians of The Universe to guide him.

He was us. He was the ultimate witness. He was meant to help us see The DC Universe with new and fresh eyes. He did the things we would do if we had good hearts and zero experience. He was doing the best with the tools he possessed. Kyle Rayner had impostor syndrome and I suspect many of us felt empathy.

Along with Wally West, Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, Conner Hawke and others, he made the DC Universe feel new again. It felt young again.

And with the return of Hal Jordan he was diminished. He was set aside and made other (Ion) in an attempt to make Hal Jordan THE Green Lantern.

He was diminished again and again and cast further and further away from the thing that defined him best until finally, his death seemed almost humane. If it weren't for Kyle holding the line by himself, there would be nothing for a Hal to come back to. More than any other, Kyle deserves the ring.

And now, he is back. Weird mask and stupid gauntlets and smiling in the green. It may not last but it's good to have him back.

Saturday, September 10, 2016


Superman #6: The Comic I've Been Waiting Six Years For

Thursday, I read Superman #6 and felt something I hadn't felt in a Superman comic in a very long time: Superman.

As I put the book down, I realized something, I was smiling and then, I picked it up again and read it. It was better the second time around. It went deep into my heart. It had symbolism. It had heart. It had family. It had Superman.

Everything that has made Superman, Superman could be found in this issue.  It had hope. It gave a glimpse into the future while giving us the best of the past.

There it all was: Superman rallying the souls of Krypton to simply do what's right. Not just to save his son and wife, Lois but to fight against The Eradicator's singular eugenics.

In a bit of writing brilliance, Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason present Superman to us through his son's eyes. We get to see Superman through the truest of eyes: the eyes of a child. As a kid, there wasn't a battle I didn't believe Superman couldn't win and with issue six, Jon Kent is us.

In an effort to defeat The Eradicator, Superman calls to one of his greatest allies and the minute he sprung into the page, I just... just... man. It's good to have him back and most likely as a faithful companion to the newest addition to the Superman family.

Maybe my favorite thing was seeing Lois Lane be amazing all over again. In the previous issue, to save her son, she donned the suit of armor Batman wore to face the fires of Darkseid's homeworld of Apokolips in order to save his son, Damian. That was deep. In that moment, her love for her family was shown as fierce as any in the DC Universe.

The final pages of this comic end with the corniest but most necessary of moments; Superman being presented with the Key to The City of Metropolis as Jon and Lois look on from afar. *sigh*

And on the final page, Superman presents his greatest creation to the two people, outside of family, who matter most. With a small "Hi," from the new Superboy and new Trinity assembled, Superman's Rebirth era, became something I went into wholeheartedly.

He is, again, a man who is sure.

He is here to stay.