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Choose Your Poison.

Black Lightning
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Would you pay $2.50 to read the exploits of Black Lightning? How about The Red Tornado? Are you simply happy seeing them guest star in other characters' title?

If you're a DC Comics fan, more than likely you have a "guilty pleasure" hero. A character you know will probably NEVER headline his or her own title but one that you'd support financially just to keep it in print.

Who would my character be? I used to think it would be The Creeper but in the wake of a lackluster 90's series and a dumbfounding Vertigo-izing of the character concept last year, I'm just not so sure anymore. These days, I find myself practiacally wanting to give my eyeteeth for a Question series more in the vein of The Question of "Justice League Unlimited."

So, my question to you is this: Which character is your poison of choice? Answer as you see fit.

I'd pay good money for continuation of the All-Star Squadron by Roy Thomas and Jerry Ordway, letting them finish it until World War II ended.

I know it isn't a guilty pleasure "character" per se but more of a guilty pleasure team book.

I was a kid when I started reading All-Star Squadron and it forever altered the characters I would grow to love. Even as a kids I preferred the Earth-2 characters to the mainstream Earth-1.

Funny. I still do today too.
Well, Vibe and Black Condor, of course! But they are dead, and I assume you mean characters that are alive but in limbo.

Let's see...
Phantom Lady
Reverb (heh)
The Atom
Y'know, I just bought All-Star Squadron 1-4 last month after having not having read them for nearly 20 years. I think I'm going to write about that soon.
I'd like to see Doctor Occult and Doctor Thirteen team up Odd Couple-style to investigate/battle supernatural goings on in the DCU.
I'd love to see an ongoing Phantom Stranger book again...
Just about any of The Charlton heroes.
Hell, I'd read almost any DC/Charlton Ditko book:

Shade, The Changing Man
The Question
Hawk & Dove
Capt. Atom
Blue Beetle
The Creeper

and, especially...

Punch & Jewelee
Yes, most definitely The Atom. Also, if the Question were more like his cartoon counterpart (and with an occasional Huntress guest star), I would support that book with my last $2.99.
What IS it with you and Punch & Jewellee, DVS?
Scip, you HAVE love the idea of married supervillains who bring their kid along on a job if they can't get a sitter.
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