Saturday, June 04, 2005


Everyday Is "Punch A Rannie In The 'Nads Day!"

Phantom Lady
Originally uploaded by Devon Sanders.
Just back from WizardWorld Philly and boy, do I have news for you all...

but it'll have to wait 'til Monday.

Trust me, it'll be worth it. Have I ever lied to you?

While in Philly, Dial "B" For Blog detonated it's "superweapon" and it was found wanting. It did Thanagar's work and actually pointed out AT LEAST 17 different ways to punch a Rannie in the 'nads!

Meanwhile, the half-naked and beautiful Freedom Fighter, Phantom Lady has pledged to flash The Rannies with her... black lights, in order to give her enough time to punch them in the 'nads.

DO NOT forget to check back here MONDAY at "Seven Hells!" for something MAJOR.

For Thanagar!

Found wanting? I have yet to see Thanagar give a reply of any kind to Rann's CONTINUITY BOMB. That's because they CAN'T! The whole planet keeps winking in and out of existence. When it's "in," all they can hear is ... laughter! Face it: This war is over.
"When it's "in," all they can hear is... laughter?"

Sounds lik you're describing Alanna having sex with Adam Strange.
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