Thursday, June 09, 2005


I Love It When A Plan Comes Together.

Beyond Comics 2
Originally uploaded by Devon Sanders.
Yes, I do. What you're seeing is, yes, an ad. Not just any ad but an ad for my store, Beyond Comics 2, an ad concocted, detonated and designed by one of my customers and ace designer, Tony Frye. An ad some two months in the making.

It all stems from a conversation I was having with Scip of "Absorbascon" fame. He said something to the effect of "Comic collectors are a particular and discerning lot. They'll come and spend money in a comic book store simply to get their comics but you, as a manager, can make it something they look forward to everytime they walk through the door."

I feel we can do this. This ad is just one step in what I think will be a great year for my store and Tony Frye gave us a hell of a banner to fly. Tony'll never tell you but I will, he did the ad for my store absolutely FREE. For FREE. Why? I guess this is what a good man does and it's much appreciated.

I am SO excited to be a comics fan again. I think the time and energy Tony invested in this ad conveys this quite well.

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