Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Kirsten Dunst and The Potato Pellet Gun

Kirsten Dunst
Originally uploaded by Devon Sanders.
Sunday, I went to go see "Howl's Moving Castle" and somehow, a friend and I got onto the subject of Kirsten Dunst's acting ability. I once described her acting skills as "having the range of a potato pellet gun."

What's funny is that a guy in front of us knew exactly what I was trying to get across not only about Kirsten Dunst but he knew what a potao pellet gun was! Apparently, it's a guy thing as the women we were with knew nothing of one of God's greatest creations, the potato pellet gun. See, Kirsten Dunst's acting ability CAN bring people together. It only took metaphor and two men's mutual love of the potato pellet gun to make it happen. Kirsten, thanks for making a wonderful night just that much more special.

Good gravy! I just posted this pic 30 minutes ago and it's ALREADY one of the most viewed pictures in my photostream.
Wow! You'd be like this total kick-ass sidekick.
Like to a Bizarro Devon or something.
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