Monday, June 06, 2005


Things I Saw In Wizard World Philly That Made Me Laugh

The "New" Hawkman
Originally uploaded by Devon Sanders.
I sh*t you not! Some guy in the line for a J.G. Jones sketch actually had a tatoo of HIS OWN FACE on his right arm! Sh*t, dude, you need a hug or something.

Some guy dressed in a homemade Spider-Man costume. Not weird until you realize he wasn't wearing a mask FOR THE WHOLE CONVENTION. With great power comes not letting your ego get the best of you and wearing the mask, dude.

Grown ass men swooning at the sight of Seth Green. *cough* How ya doin', Scip?

Creators trying to sell their comics with scantily-clad models. If you gotta put boobs in my face to get me to read, then you probably don't have much to say.

Some artist from the Top Cow booth seeking guidance from J.G. Jones in helping keep his pencils straight. It was genuinely a sweet moment. I wept.

...and finally, who, after taking a major hit in Philly, was seen soon after poking his head into some of its' finest t***y bars?

At Seth Green?!!?!?!


Tonight you die.

The stuff I saw at Philly didn't so much make me laugh as much as wince. Not a pretty sight...
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