Saturday, July 16, 2005


The Cross-Company Draft

Hello, gang, Scipio of the Absorbascon here, following suit on Devon's idea that we suggest some "swaps" of characters between DC and Marvel.

I nominate: Mysterio!

What is this man doing wasting away in the Marvelverse? His mastery of illusion and effects goes unappreciated in a world where on every block villains named "CompoundNoun" shoot undefined "energy blasts" from clenched fists.

A failed special effects artist? That's how Firefly started, too, before he got retconned as a flying pyromaniac (yawn). The costume? Finally, someone to go shopping with Black Manta at the Giant Hat Store. DC's special effects guys, Dr. Tzin-Tzin and the Spook, they don't shine too bright; haven't seen them lately, have ya? Mysterio would be a great successor.

Like the Mad Hatter and the Mirror Master, he fools with your sense of reality, making him an opponent for, say, the Question. He'd be an amusing foil for Green Arrow, who desperately needs some rogues (I mean, c'mon, the Duke of Oil, for pity's sake?!), and is outclassed by the Riddler.

Oh, yes. Give us Mysterio; we know what to do with him.

Or the Teen Titans -- I think he'd work great with the Mad Mod!
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