Friday, July 08, 2005


Joe Quesada Cracks The Internet In Half And All You Get Are Lousy Reviews

First up, I'd like to thank everyone who's even bothered with reading this blog. Your support and interest have been greatly appreciated.

What I read this week:

Aquaman #32: The beginnings of a new story featuring Aquaman and the marine biologist (Black Manta) who hates him. Writer John Arcudi wisely skips over the Rick Veitch-introduced "Black Manta has autism" angle like so much dog crap and returns one of comics' most sinister of villains to former glory. Plus, in this issue, Aquaman wears a baseball cap! 3 and a half out of five stars.

JSA #75: A "Day of Vengeance" tie-in. The JSA are in the Black Adam ruled nation of Kahndaq. Why? Simple, really. They have to stop the nearly omnipotent Spectre along with a possessed crazy-ass post-Identity Crisis Jean Loring Eclipso. Plus, in this issue, Eclipso sports a spear in her eye! 3 and a half out of five stars.

Superman #219: Brainiac's back and messing with Superman's head!The results will send shockwaves across The DC Universe. Plus, in this issue, Lois Lane wears underwear while Superman wears blood on his hands. 3 out of five stars.

Pick Of The Week: Villains United #3: The Secret Six in the clutches of The Society with The Crime Doctor administering their "medicine." With issue 3, writer Gail Simone has The Secret Six fulfill the promise we all saw in The Suicide Squad while further cementing herself as one of my favorite of writers. Plus, in this issue, The Crime Doctor raids Elton John's closet! 5 out of five stars!

Thank God, the internet didn't crack so that I could blog this...

Lois Lane wears underwear while Superman wears blood on his hands?!? Oh, come on, you can't not give us some JPGs... *grin*
Can I get a "BWHAHAHAHA?"

You, my friend, have the quote of the day.
Elton John IS the Crime Doctor, folks; it's a final-issue revelation.

Seeing Aquaman in a ballcap made me feel all ...girly...on the inside.

And what did JQ do NOW, that piggy-faced jackass?
And what did JQ do NOW, that piggy-faced jackass?

This was the issue of House of M that was supposed to do the Internet-cracking, I think.

I saw the twist -- if that's what they call revolutionary, I'm glad I shop on the other side of the comic book store. (Even though being a Hal Jordan fan has made me relinquish all rights to bitching about a character coming back from the dead for all eternity.)

Honestly, though -- is this Superman/OMAC tie-in thing worth reading? I wasn't too convinced flipping through it at the shop.
We got an advanced copy of Action Comics at the shop this week, I'd say "yes," in the grand scheme of things.
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