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The Wait Is Over!

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Fanboys and girls, rejoice!

After nearly two years in the making, DC Comics has released a teaser image to for the seven issue mini-series, Infinite Crisis #1. also reports on the future opening of a Jack Kirby Museum. Scipio Garling of "The Absorbascon" (See the "Links" section) was last seen headed somewhere with a stick, a rag and a can of gasoline.

I think Infinite Crisis will be made up of Superman/Batman #8-13, Identity Crisis #1-7, plus a few other issues thrown in...and then just cut and pasted to form a new story.

That's what the cover looks like, at least.

It's like a collage.
Hoozat on the upper right?


If so, then I guess it will be a big honkin' time-trippy rebooty universe-becomes-sentient thing -- as many suspected -- and NOT an big honkin' guilt-trippy ruminaty everyone-becomes-introspective thing -- as I feared.

Robo-Hourman was a Morrison creation, yes? Could the fact that Morrison is to be the ... um.. guy in charge of reboots (The Rebootblack? Rebootlegger? Rebootsiecollins?) in the sentient DCU that emerges out of IC -- and that Hourman III is a "sentient machine colony" -- be related?

Of course, if that ain't Hourman on the cover, but instead a weirdly square-eyed Spectre, ignore the above.
That's more likely the Spectre than Hourman. Looks like they're being careful that all of the mini-series leading up to Infinite Crisis have a representative on the cover...

When did Wonder Woman get her eyeballs back?
But dude, those eyeballs? They're rectangular.



Comics-shorthand-for-robot-square, in fact...
I dunno, Dr. Alchemy looks kinda like that..
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