Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Comics I Need To See In My Lifetime



Can you think of any others? Remember...style counts!

I think I rented that movie....

How about

"Beast Boy Meets the Green Llama"?
Green Arrow vs The Human Target
The Black Cat vs the Black Canary
The Falcon and the Snowman !
A Special Villains United Crossover Event!

Catman and Captain Nazi

Speaking of which...I just attended a lecture by "graphic novelist" Art Spiegelman here at U.Penn (entitled "Comix 101"). Fun times, though when someone asked him for his opinion on superhero comics and their writers/artists (specifically mentioning Alan Moore, David Mack, Kirby, and Gaiman, among others), the Spieg pretty much brushed them off as a necessary financial evil so that the medium can survive (though he was a little more vague). Then he made fun of Watchmen for being pointless.


On a side note, lots of hot girls attend Art Spiegelman lectures. How many of them do you think have ever read a comic that they didn't call a "graphic novel"?

X-23 meets the Void!

And no, I don't mean the character (the Sentry's arch-nemesis)...
Black Panther vs. Captain Nazi
If the dastardly albino mass hypnotist rock star space alien would-be world conquerer and rainbow-jumpsuited Infinity Inc. villain known as Chroma ever teamed up with The Key, they'd provide great backup for the Weather Wizard.

(The above joke is best appreciated if you've ever worked in television production. And not much, even then.)

But if we instead want to keep with the bawdy/masturbatory theme established in your post:

Giganta/Colossal Boy Meets Vibe.

Giganta/Colossal Boy Meets The Torpedo.

Giganta/Colossal Boy Meets Plastic Man.

Giganta/Colossal Boy Meets Zan. (For 9 1/2 Weeks.)

Or how about:

Power Girl Meets Steve Savage, Balloon Buster.

Or for that matter:

The Gay Ghost Meets Steve Savage, Balloon Buster.

Come to think of it ...

ANYONE Meets Steve Savage, Balloon Buster.
Tom Curry-

I don't work in tv, so I had to think for a second, but that was hilarious!
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