Saturday, October 08, 2005


Hex Power!

Growing up I never much gave a damn about Jonah Hex. I hated Westerns and besides, he was ugly and wasn't a superhero. Besides, it took place olden times. Back then, if it didn't have a cape, a web or a shield, to me, it didn't exist.

Why read the adventures of a some morally ambiguous guy with a gun when I could be reading an adventure with good ol' Spidey taking on The Punisher?

Fast forward nearly twenty years since the cancellation of the Jonah Hex comic and well...I've changed. I'm older. I've become less tolerant of nonsense. I want "the bullet." From what I've seen, DC Comic's November release of an all-new Jonah Hex series will give me just that.

"The Bullet."

Each issue of Jonah Hex will be designed to be a stand-alone issue featuring covers provided by some of the finest art talent the industry has to offer. The writers? Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti of Hawkman and Punisher fame. These guys know a thing or two about angry men with weapons.

The DCU is a grand and wonderful place. Where else could a deformed shootist who fought on The Confederate side of The Civil War permeate into my consciousness some twenty years on? Why in THE HELL would I even look forward to this now when twenty years ago I wouldn't have given half a dang about it?!?

Because, I known it'll be done right. DC will do it right. They've already done so by doing the right thing and bringing Hex "home" to The DC Universe. Don't get me wrong, I liked the Vertigo Jonah Hex stuff. Just wasn't what I'd read on a monthly basis, is all. I like stories. I look forward to stories set in a world not yet ready for a superman. That's what I want to read. Nothing more, nothing less. Twenty years on, I want to read Jonah Hex.

Besides, we share a birthday.

The DCU is a grand and wonderful place indeed. As much as I'm a "cape and tights" kind of guy (figuratively speaking, I don't wear the cape and tights anymore except for weddings and funerals) it's nice to see some of the dustier corners of the DCU being cleaned off and put on display.

If Warner Brothers was smart, and I sometimes have my doubts, Jonah Hex would a DC property being readied for the big screen.
As long as he doesn't get dragged into crossovers, or the Justice League keep on turning up, things should be fine...
You know, I don't think I've ever read a single issue of Jonah Hex. My only exposure to the character has come in the form of a single issue of the post-apocalyptic Hex, and the bat-s**t crazy miniseries to top all miniseries... DC Challenge. God that was a weird series, but what a concept!
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