Wednesday, October 12, 2005


"Thank You."

I had this big post planned for October 11th but it just never happened. I've been busy. Just been busy. There is a point to this, so please, bear with me.

October 11th was "Seven Hells!'" six-month anniversary and I just kind of let it get past me. I was going to write this big fluffy/feel-goody thing but my head just ain't there right now, y'know?

I do want to say this to everyone reading this.

"Thank You."

Thank you for reading my ramblings about a hobby that has allowed me to feed myself, figuratively and literally. Thank you for sharing your mutual appreciation for the hobby through your humor and intelligence. This blog came from a time where I was experiencing something I wouldn't wish on the devil, himself. A something I didn't have to revisit while I rambled on. Thankfully, somewhere along the line, I don't know when, I started feeling "human" again. I do know that many kindnesses along the way helped in getting me back there.

I sincerely thank you all.

So, please keep reading and I guess as long as we're all still interested, I'll keep rambling on.

You're welcome. And you were completely right about Infinite Crisis too!
We love you, baby! And who else could have predicted a crisis with such a cool head. Happy Belated Anniversary!
Hey, we're interested, keep up the good work. At least one person here reads your columns before wading into the stacks to spend the precious few dollars I have to spare for comics!
I only discovered this site about a month ago, but I've enjoyed the archives immensely, and hope to see that you keep creating such intelligent, insightful, and entertaining work for the forseeable future.
Thank you.
Congrats from this side of the pond.
Congrats on the anniversary! It's always enjoyable to read through your posts.
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