Saturday, October 01, 2005


Various And Sundry

I've seen the movie Serenity twice. I am not a fan. Let me correct that. I was not a fan of Firefly, the television series on which it was based. I just never got around to watching it. There was no ire in that decision, nothing like that. I was probably just too busy.

At the comics shop I work at we get free stuff all of the time. Last week, we received a box of Serenity swag. Movie passes, well-made, well-designed baseball caps and t-shirts. Stuff that looked good whether or not one knew what is "serenity." They had my attention.

I've seen the movie Serenity twice already. Going in, knew nothing of the fight to revive the series, the stellar DVD sales or the reason behind the thrall in which Serenity writer/director Joss Whedon has over his fans. Aside from his work on Astonishing X-Men, anyways but hey, it was free. Two hours later...

I understand. Serenity is a very good movie. I will give no spoilers other than well-paced action and a welcome lack of masturbatory Industrial Light and Magic-like CGI may leave you very tired at movie's end. A good tired, though. A "Whooo! I need a cigarette." tired. Like "I've just read a damned good comic" tired. I am now a fan. They now have my money.

Besides, anything that lets me partake in the cinammon goodness that is Gina Torres is OK in my book.


My customers have been especially...bawdy...this week. Here are some examples:

"Snatch" was the first gift [my wife] ever gave me."

One of my favorite customers, innocently, relating the first gift of DVD his wife gave him. In front of the WHOLE FRICKIN" STORE!

"You're right, Devon. I just want to enjoy the sausage."

Said to me after I likened working in a comics shop to working in a butcher shop. Trust me, no one wants to exactly know the messiness it takes to make a sausage palatable. Sorta like running a comic shop.

Pal Cully is working the register at our store. A customer is purchasing a pile of Eros comics, and is paying for it with several handfuls of change that he's pulled out of his pockets.

After he's done dumping his money on the counter, Cully says to him:

"Boy, I bet that's a load out of your pants!"
I, an avowed homo, have to agree on the cinnnamon goodness of Gina Torres--those lips?! Guess I'm gonna have to see that damn movie.
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