Saturday, November 05, 2005


Justice League: (Old) West

After reading Jonah Hex #1, this question was posed to me:

"If The Justice League were composed of DC Comics' Western Heroes, who would be on the team?"

Instantly, I thought that Jonah Hex would fill the Batman role perfectly. Next, I thought, "Who would be The Flash?" This fella came to mind almost immediately.

Nighthawk and Cinnamon would be a natural lock for Hawkman and Hawkwoman with "Pow-Wow" Smith acting as The Martian Manhunter. You know, the whole "trapped between two worlds" thing and all...

or I have to ask, "By lumping them all together, do we diminish these heroes by trying to make them what we need them to be?"


Before there were Wonder Women and Supermen to take care of The DC Universe, ordinary men and women took up arms it upon themselves to make a hard world better.

Either way I think they're pretty damned special. What do you all think?

Who's El Diablo? Green Arrow or Green Lantern?
Although I'm more of a superhero fan, I'm really liking the fact that DC is bringing back some alternative titles.

I did enjoy Jonah Hex #1 this week and plan to stick around for at least a few issues, and I'm looking forward to January's Sgt. Rock mini-series.

I don't know if the western characters work when they're congregated together. It's nice to have a few of them run into each other on occasion, but as a group they seem to lose something.

And Golden Arrow would naturally be the old west equivalent of Green Arrow.
The Flash analog would have to be Windrunner, Max Mercury's name back then. Apparently Hal Jordan's ancestor Henry Lee Jordan was a US Marshall and aided Abin Sur, so he could be the GL of the group.

Here's a good quick history of DC's western heroes acting as a group, known (at least once) as "The Rough Bunch": We can probably consider that all of the western heroes had at least a passing acquaintance with each other and teamed up from time to time.

The group "consisted" of Tomahawk, El Diablo, Johnny Thunder, Madame .44, Bat Lash, Super-Chief, Black Bison, Hawk (son of Tomahawk), Firehair, Jonah Hex, Scalphunter, Cinnamon, Matt Savage, Pow-Wow Smith, Strongbow, Nighthawk, Don Caballero, the Trigger Twins, and the Roving Ranger. Others included El Diablo and Wyoming Kid.

Vigilante was time-lost in the Old West, and there was also a Swamp Thing.

So, Nighthawk and Cinnamon would be the Hawks. Maybe married couple Madame .44 and Johnny Thunder would be Black Canary and Green Arrow when they were together. Bat Lash seems to be played for comedy, so he could be this era's Elongated Man or Plastic Man.
How about Apache Chief and Manitou Raven?

Sorry, I'll get my coat... :)
In case you never noticed, Jonah hex wears skin tight adhesive levis. A part of a super hero costume if i ever saw one.
Pow Wow *is* J'onn J'onzz, yes.
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