Thursday, November 03, 2005


Number Three Of "Seven Hells'!" Soldiers"

I've often said that if I have any sort of morality about me it came from my family and comic books.

I've always believed in certain and absolute truths.

Somehow, after the things I've had to bear witness to, I still believe in justice.

I believe that in order for an American Way to exist, truth and justice must take precedence.

I believe in helping those in need. I believe in the ability to overcome impossible odds in the pursuit of something better.

After all these years, I still believe that a towel tied around a child's shoulders is one of the most beautiful, most purest of things.

After more than 30 years, I still believe in Superman.

Seconded! But man, if Superman is your #3 countdown choice...who on Earth could be #s 2 and 1?

(whispering: Vibe! Vibe! Vibe! Vibe! Vibe!)
I hope there's going to be a groups round-up at the end of all this. Perhaps even a Photoshopped composition of the Seven Hells Soldiers together.
Hm, I would pretty much say the same thing... except I tend towards Capt. Marvel rather than Supes...

Wonder what the difference says...
A truly beautiful post. In these days, in the shades of gray of the adult world, we all should learn to look for the red, blue, and yellow once in awhile.
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