Thursday, November 24, 2005


"Seven Hells'! Soldiers" Re-Cap

Here they are and here they were:

7. Wildcat
6. Power Girl
5. Nightwing
4. Hawkman
3. Superman
2. Batman
1. Wonder Woman

Someone said I should, like, draw them together or sumthin'...

I ain't no drawer like that. Why these seven? Amy said it best:

"I realize my favorite DC characters are the sort of fellas (and ladies) I wouldn't mind buying a beer."

Good enough.

I'd love to see this team in action, if only to see Batman and Nightwing getting shifty by being on the same team together.

Unless Bats gets mindwiped or something and goes back to his 70's globetrotting love god incarnation.
Yeah, that guy did suck. He was always getting knocked out and acting all goth-y while doing it.
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