Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Kyle Rayner: Adult!

It's Wednesday, kiddies, so you know what time it is...

It's time for...

Some day's you you run across something so sublime in its' intensity and beauty that it speaks towards its' existence...

This is that panel.

Way to show everyone your "Oh." face, Kyle.

Steel yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, for this is a portent of what is to come on the morrow.

Be afraid.


First Dick takes up with Kori and now Kyle has Smurfette. How is a simple Editorial Mistake/ Amazon/Doppleganger/Titan/
Eternal Torture Victim/GL Knockoff/Fantasy Den Mother Mentally Remade By Wally West supposed to complete with these fabulous multi-hued alien babes? What, is there a sign on her head or something? "Desperately Seeking Captain Kirk Wannabes?"
HAW! Oh, lordy, anonymous, that is the funniest description of Donna Troy I've ever read. And because it's all true, it's also the saddest description of Donna Troy I've ever read. Jeezum Pete, from an editorial standpoint she was the original "Hawkworld," wasn't she?
Your post backfired, Devon, everyone's so busy making fun of Donna that nobody notices Kyle's hand in relation to Alison's (the model's) breast.

This panel is more than just an example of Kyle's immaturity. This is the ultimate battle, Kyle's likeability and charisma vs. Donna's sympathy as a character.

And the above comments demonstrate the clear winner -- Teflon Lantern!
Pretty much. Besides, he's an artist, painting naked chicks is what they do.

Now Donna is *always* ripe for mocking. :-P She leaves *her kid* with this guy.
I'm afraid. Mostly because of the back-breaking anatomy.
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