Monday, March 13, 2006


Three Is A Magic Number...

I've added three new blogs to the sidebar. Welcome them! They are:

Pretty, Fizzy Paradise
: Shows more love to DC Comics sidekicks & Green Lanterns than Carol Ferris, Cheshire & Donna Troy smashed on tequila at a Great Frog concert.

Blockade Boy
: Remember Mr. Blackwell? Well, Blockade Boy is actually funny... on purpose.

...and finally, Those Wednesdays from teacher turned professional knifefighter, Ben Hatton.

Give them an internet hug, please...

1. People who don't read Blockade Boy shouldn't be allowed to read comics.

2. Why is Spiderman wearing a chest bomb, Mommmy?

3. What is the number of the guy in the Batsuit? RrowwR!
"An internet hug?" that just sounds... unclean.
1. Amen! Martin doesn't read "Blockade Boy."

2. This picture was taken in 1999. Party's over. Ooops, outta time. (Think about it.)

3. Huh? That's right! You like'em ratty-lookin'. His name's probably "Ben."
Thanks for the link!

"An internet hug?" that just sounds... unclean.

God willing, it is. :-)
*blush/coquettish giggle*
Dude. You rock. Thanks for letting all those people out there know about me and the B.S. that spews from my head.
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