Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Kyle Rayner: ADULT!

Let us away to Gotham City and to the first formal meeting between The Batman and Kyle Rayner...

Like any good child, Kyle just wants to help and like most children do when they help, he just winds up creating more work for the adults. By the way, Kyle , of course Batman knows who you are.


You just got hit in the head. Nothing says "Green Lantern" more than that.

There's a lot of evil in Gotham. Any given moment, one could find death at the hands of The Joker. One could find peril in an encouter with The Riddler. Not Kyle. One minute in Gotham and Kyle miraculously finds a way to get his ass kicked by a ska band.

Hell, I'd even dance to that.


"In this issue: can Batman & Green Lantern stop the Rudest of Rude boys... The Thugtones?!"
And they didn't get Evan Dorkin to draw it? What a missed opportunity! They could even have inserted one of my favorite lines from his comic strips: "Die with your Ska!" (Those words escape my lips pretty much any time I listen to Top 40 radio.)
And even a nod to the days of DC Silver Age head injuries by a 'go-go checked' wearing villain.
Batman couldn't have bothered to chuck a Batarang at that thug before he did that? He can't talk and throw at the same time? he's Batman! Multitask, you cowl wearing . . .

Sometimes, you wonder why anyone would want to live in an insane pesthole like Gotham City which besides its charming natural disasters and plagues is governed by an inept police force, a completely invisible county or state governmen and a junta of bat-themed vigilantes. But if every once in a while, I saw something like that, I'd hold off buying a bus ticket to Fawcett for one more day.
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