Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Thanks, Again.

I didn't know you'd stop by but I'm very glad you decided to visit. You've been coming to this place for a year now and well... I think I owe you an explanation.

This silly little blog has become very dear to me. It gave me something to do with myself when I honestly had no idea what to do anymore. "Seven Hells!" removed me from a very deep sadness. "7H" was created six months and a day after the death of my mother. Before that, numbness became very automatic.

I went to work. I tried to make sure my brothers were OK. (I'm the oldest of five.) I tried to be too much of a man. I failed in just as many ways as I may have suceeded. I don't know if you'll understand this but I just... existed.

I'd forgotten how to live.

A very good friend of mine, not knowing this, returned to me something I'd been missing: joy. I came to rediscover the joy I'd felt the first time my mom put a comic book in my hand. It was pure. It was simple. It was mine. Through "Seven Hells!," I've rediscovered things I'd thought lost. In "Seven Hells!," I've found kinship in people I'd never laid eyes upon. It may sound weird but you were there when I didn't know that I wanted you around. I cannot thank you enough for that.

I didn't know you'd stop by but I'm very glad you did.

Have a good one.


Thank you, Devon. Your writing brings a smile to my face and inspired thoughts to my brain.

In the Legion of Super-Bloggers, you're...um, let's see...Ultra Boy or somebody. Maybe not one of the three originals, but somebody big and smart who I admire.

Me? I'm just Chlorophyll Kid.

Thanks for the blog, Devon. It is truly one of my favorites.
Rock on, my man. Thanks for giving the rest of us something to smile about daily.
Legion of Super-Bloggers:Devon::Legion of Super-Heroes:

Hunh. Tough one.

Ultra Boy? Maybe, but I don't see it. D. can cleary (super) walk and (super) chew gum at the same time.

Certainly not Chameleon Boy, or Lightning Lad, or Sun Boy, or Star Boy or any of the "Look at me!" spotlight-huggers.

Not Wildfire. The Way of the Mope is not D.'s Way.

And,no, not Tyroc. I mean, the gloves are a non-starter.

I'd go with Timber Wolf, possibly Karate Kid. Someone with a big heart, who's more grit and substance over flash and glamour, who relies not on super-gravity-nullifying, element-conversion, or illusion-casting, but instead on his own natural prose gifts to advance the greater good. And to defeat his enemies.

Congrats on a great year.
I've had about 12 different jobs in the past three or four years. A lot of them sucked... really hard. Sometimes it was because the job itself was boring or the customers were jerks, but for the most part that could be overcome so long as one thing maintained: my boss. If my boss was a decent enough person, I could deal with just about anything.

Well, you are one of the best bosses I've had yet. I am blessed to have a job that I love and coworkers that I can actually consider friends.

Thanks Devon.
Congratulations on a year, Devon, and congratulations on rediscovering comics. Kyle Rayner: Adult! Makes my Wednesdays worthwhile.

-- Jack of Spades
You are MUCH LOVED, Devon!

Congratulations on the year, Devon. Your little corner of the web is always an enjoyable place to visit.
Congratulations on a full year, Devon! This is one of my favorite daily visits.

(I need to dry my eyes now)
ahh I only discovered this blog very recently through the absorbascon, but I get the bit about how hard it is to find your feet after losing your mum; glad that you did.. :)
Thank you, for writing the blog that brings a smile to my face or gives me something to ponder.
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