Thursday, April 13, 2006


The Various. The Sundry.

Things I Want To See On A T-Shirt:
"Ditko Cares Nothing For Your Nostalgia!"

Things Said In My Store:
"If I have to hear "Detachable Penis" one more time..."

A Man's Secret Shame:

So what prompted the Steve Ditko remark? It's not clear from his Wikipedia entry...
Ditko doesn't really acknowledge his past works as nothing more than what they are: past works.

It's part of the whole "Objectivism" thing.
"Oh Dear! I shot my lotion arrow by mistake!" I was saving it for Steve Ditko's detachable penis!
I don't get it. What's up with the Donna Troy Kyle Rayner link? I understand not. What signed copy. What in the Seven Hells are you talking about?
Yeah, I once heard that Ditko uses his old art -- stuff that collectors would pay a fortune for -- as cutting boards. Chops it all up...
I take one of those Ditko T-shirts as soon as you have them printed.

Yail Bloor
That lotion arrow remark should be on a T-shirt.

No, wait.

No, it shouldn't. No one would wear it.
I call foul play on the Lotion Arrow. It wasn't a man that uttered that desparate declaration.

Why, it says right in the caption above: "But as her shaft strikes..."

Wait, Arrowette was a woman, right?
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