Thursday, May 04, 2006


Kyle Rayner: ADULT!

Did you know that Kyle was a Teen Titan? Was he there as a mentor? Was he there, as Cyborg is now, as an elder staesman, imparting knowledge upon DC's next generation of superhero?

Umm... no. Twenty-something Kyle was simply just a Teen Titan. Kinda fascinatingly skeevy, Kyle. Would your middle name happen to be "Wooderson", as well?

Also, did you know that Bart Allen, formerly known as Impulse and currently known as... Bart Allen, served a brief tour as a Teen Titan in the mid-90's. No? Well, how else could a scene like this have happened...

Yes, people. That is Impulse, the superhero poster child for irresponsibility, imparting upon an adult the importance of personal responsibility.

You may die now.

You have seen everything.


I was kinda hoping to see something like this again soon, actually.
This might be as close as we ever get to seeing Kyle's "O" face.
Poor Kyle. He doesn't even get to be on top with *Impulse*.
Did you ever see Bart's feet?

No wonder Kyle looks like he's in pain...
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