Thursday, August 31, 2006


Thank You, Mr. Chaykin...

...for showing Hawkgirl new uses for old prom dresses...

...for showing Hawkgirl where to shop for frilly lace brasierres that, I assume, share the same properties as a sports bra...

...for introducing "The Galactic Space Vagina" to The DC Universe.

Thank you, Mr. Chaykin for making your Hawkgirl run just so damned... awkwardly appealing.

Godspeed, Mr Chaykin!


Holy Cow! That last pic is Freudian!
My god... it's full of stars!
Two things:
1)Please refer to him as Howard "I draw nipples on Hawkgirl. NIPPLES!" Chaykin

2)No post on Howard "I draw nipples on Hawkwoman. NIPPLES!" Chaykin's 'sesabilites' on Hawkgirl are complete without this pic
I demand that The Galactic Space Vagina have its own entry in the next DC Who's Who.

Oooh, new idea, a Starro/Galactic Space Vagina team-up. Get Grant Morrison to write it. I want credit though.
Wow, it's the magic portal to the mystic land of Vagina Dentata!
I think The Galactic Space Vagina will get a spotlight in the History of the DCU in 52 during week 37.
Wasn't "Vagina Dentata" a song from The Lion King? :-)
I just like saying "Galactic Space Vagina"!!!
Galactic Space Vagina!
Galactic Space Vagina!
Galactic Space Vagina!
Galactic Space Vagina!

plus nipples.
I can just see the splash page titles for the new series "Galactic Space Vagina"

Catastrophic Clash of the Cosmic Clitoris !

Legions of the Lethal Labia!

Urethra Unbound!
Fallopian Faction!
Thank you, sir. My nightmares just got a whole lot more interesting.
Maybe that's where Egg Fu comes from.
This guy has really a future as the Liefeld of tomorrow.
Now i _want_ a "Raiders of the Space Vagina", story by Chuck "I wanna f*ck" Austen, drawing from Chaykin and Liefeld in splash pages with full drawings of the Space Vagina and Superman's Crotch staring one each other.

Then, Emoboy Prime who tries restarting the universe with his crotch...
I don't get why people gotta hate on the Chaykin for his nippelistic ways. There are so many offenders out there of much lower quality. ;)

Galactic Space Vaginas versus Starro for the win!
Chaykin is NO Liefeld. He's had his undeniable style since the late 70s early 80s. I remember him on Micronauts and Dominic Fortune and his art has always had his particular bent to it since before it was fashionable to put nipples on characters. Especially after American Flagg and Black Kiss.

Kids these sense of history.

It's going to take me hours to get the coke out of my keyboard now...

"Galactic Space Vagina" indeed...
Kendra S. laughs and it's raining all day, she loves to be one of the girls,.
She lives in the place in the side of our lives, where a labia leads into space.
She turns herself round and she's cold and she says "This is it, that's the end of the joke"
And loses herself in her lacy pink bra, and her lovers walk through in their coats.

Pretty in pink
Isn't she?
Pretty in pink
Isn't she?

...'cause she's wearing a pink prom dress, you know, and that's kind of the plot of Pretty in Pink and I'm not even sure why I bother.

naladahc: Freakin' hilarious. "It's our main girlie / anxiety! / Vagina dentata!"
Don't ever EVER Google the words "giant" "space" and "vagina." Trust me. That way lies madness...
And is it just me or did those nipples on dr obvious' link seem, well, odd? Like abnormally tiny?
I'm just sayin'...
O_O That vagina has phallic tentacles too. Is that how it pulls it's unwilling lovers into it's cavernous embrace? Is it hermaphroditic? Does it pleasure itself?

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