Monday, September 18, 2006


Birds, I Pray

O.K. If the cover to Birds of Prey #101 is what I think it is, and I hope it is... then Big Barda and Manhunter are joining the team?!?

I have to go find some pearls to clutch.

(Any guesses as to who's the lady beside Oracle's reflection?)

My guess would be that it's the new Judomaster who was on the cover of the previously solicited issue.
Big Barda? Please oh please oh please oh please oh please!
I was thinking maybe Bulleteer. Hard to tell.
I'm hoping it really is Manhunter. She rocks.
Let me clarify. What I mean by that comment was that I hope she's on the team and it's not a tease.
I really, really don't want Kate to join the birds. Half her own personal supporting cast relies on her remaining a DEO Agent and I can't see that as being compatible.

The blurb itself confused me, given it implied Oracles trying to protecting Kate's identity from the government.
That's a WOMAN next to Oracle? I thought it was the Flash with constipation. Oops. Glad that Barda's there however.
looks like Black Orchid to me.
I may have to start buying this book. I thought it was just a T@A tease when it came out, but issue #101? I think I have a lot of catching up to do.
Curse you, Dorian, for ruining our fun with the first post. I was hoping it was Flamebird in a re-done latex Gimp suit.
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