Friday, September 22, 2006


"Seven Hells!" New Earth Theatre Featuring: Krypto!

Superman Robot:
Krypto. It's time for your feeding. (Places a dead yak in front of him)

Krypto (Head, tilted in that way that dogs do) : You're really not fooling anyone, you know.

Krypto (Taking a walk around The Fortress of Solitude) : Rao, it's quiet around here without that crazy "Skinny-Yellow-Pink-Thing" around.

(Why should a Superdog be color-blind?)


Supergirl: (Crouched in front of Krypto, clapping hands and smiling) : C'mon, Krypto. Shake hands! Shake hands, Krypto!

Krypto (Looking totally apathetic) : Are you not sensing my displeasure, piglet?

Supergirl: C'mon, Krypto! Don't you want to play? Streaky loves this game!

Krypto: (sniffs) Rao, damn you. (Walks away.)

[Flashback ends]

Krypto: Maybe I could have been nicer to her. Then again, I am a dog. There really isn't a lot of middle ground for me to work with here...

Krypto: (Startled) Wait a minute?!? What's a Streaky?!? Do I know a "Streaky the Supercat?!?" How do I know a...a... cat?!?

Skeets: (Hovering outside The Fortress) : He knows.

I wonder he acts any differently towards Power Girl... say; PG doesn't go the Fortress much, does she? Maybe Krypto is the reason! He gets a TV show while she gets nothin'! Then again, when 'Smallville' is said and done, The CW can pick-up a Power Girl TV series! How's them apples, eh Superdog?
Skeets is a bastard.
[i]"(Why should a Superdog be color-blind?)[/i]

Indeed! In fact, pre-Crisis Krypto wasn't colorblind when he was superpowered... at least, that's what it said in Elliot S! Maggin's "Starwinds Howl" story
Skeets: He's on to us, Wayne.

Wayne: There goes our funding.

Word Verification: cgbnoc, the dyslexic's wine.
I think it is probably not "realistic" when a dog wears a cape, for example one time when I was a kid I tried to put a hat on our dog, he would not wear it! He would just shake until it came off. So I think Krypto super-dog would not wear a cape too! But also it is a comic situation probably.
I seem to recall there being a SuperMonkey and a SuperHorse, in addition to the SuperDog and SuperCat. My oh my. I sure would like to know what the writers were smoking back then.
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