Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Dear DC Comics...

I recently went into my LCS expecting to see the below cheesecake on the cover of my Uncle Sam and The Freedom Fighters #4.

The Original Cover.

What I received in its stead was the cover below.

The Lie Put Forth As Truth By The Corporation.

What I would like to see is the return of the promised breasts to the cover of Uncle Sam and The Freedom Fighters #4.

The above cover has everything to do with the story contained within but lacks the promise of July's solicitation of a pouty, latex-clad, big breasted woman and twenty-something pages of story. The replacement of the original cover with the one of the old man in a top hat playing grab-ass with a plane is unacceptable to me.

I will be returning said cover to my local retailer in the hopes of receiving a full refund or at the very least, the borrowing of said local retailer's copy of Maxim Magazine. I will not be a victim of your last minute "Superboy-punches-a-wall" bait and switch tactics, DC.

A. Fanboy

Can't we find a compromise?

Can't we have a cover with Uncle Sam's breasts?
I was writing almost that same letter for Batman Chronicles.

Batman didn't spank anyone in that book.
Oh, she's still on the cover, alright. It's just that she's invisible.
Maybe they could make up for it with a new topless Frank Cho variant...he likes drawing Phantom Girl as I recall....
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