Monday, October 30, 2006


From The Devon Archives Vol. 1

This is, perhaps, your and Lady Cop's finest moment. I ask Mike Wieringo sketches Lady Cop and we all benefit. Applying the Lady Cop jpg to your desktop is proven to protect your computer against all kinds of viruses and you against assorted V.D's.

...believe that.

*Please, don't believe that.


Now I want Lady Cop in Birds of Prey, fighting valiantly to stop VD from spreading, and searching for the Killer in Boots, one of the Four Horsemen along with "Shop robbin' Bruce Banner" (tm), "Rooftop Romeo the Rapist" (c) and "Latino Dockworker" (Inc.).
Excellent. Nothing cheers me up like knowing Lady Cop is on the beat.
Check Atom #6. :)
Gail rules!

Now if we could only see the return of Lisa "Scary Daddy Issues" St. Claire from Young Love, my life would be complete.
Wh... What what? Oh. My. God. If you bring back Lady Cop I will love you even more than I already do, Gail (and that'd be hard to do).

But if this is just randomly placed "Buy my book" spam, a lot of Lady Cop fans are gonna be really cross with you!
Gail, please don't play with my already fragile heart.
For the sake of evertyhing is right, holy, truth, Justice and the fight against VD, please, tell me it's all true, and I'll proceed offering chocolate rimmed ice-creams to my Birds of Pray collection in offering for Liza's return.
The Killer in Boots reprogrammed Skeets to be evil.
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