Saturday, October 14, 2006


Grey Matters

So, what's right with this picture?

Is it...

A: Wildcat's actually looking the part of a heavyweight boxing champion?

B: Jay (Flash) Garrick's actually having something resembling a runner's build?

C: Alan (Green Lantern) Scott's hair being colored grey?

D: All of the above.

I would say "D". I'm telling you Eaglesham is the right choice for an ensemble book. Look at "Hero" and all the little nuances he worked into every character.

Glad to have another post again
definitely "D". cool blog, Dev. found ya off a link from Dave's Long Box. I'll try to tune in a lil more. rock on!
So I know Alan Scott's hair is usually blond right?

I kinda thought that was because that Starheart... thingy... kept him young, and even though he should be 80 or whatever, he's still physically like 35. Is that offbase.

For the record, I have no problem with Alan Scott being gray, and that art is really nice. If Geoff Johns can convince this will actually come out monthly, I would have to seriously consider bying it.
I would guess that it's the first issue and they already have six members to recruit whereas Bats, Supes, & Wondy are still deciding on who to ask.
I dunno, I like keeping Alan Scott's hair a light blond, and it seems odd that he'd go from blond to white-gray in the span between the most recent Checkmate issues and JSoA #1.

Other than that, I'm psyched.

Dealing with Amanda Waller everyday is enough to make anyone's hair go grey.
It IS nice to see more than one type of body type. Nicely done. And after dealing with Amanda, Alan is lucky he still HAS hair.
The thing that struck me as being right about that panel was the discussion of "Mystery-Men" and, indirectly, All-Star Squadron. That series just doesn't get enough love.
I've just been happy over the last few years to see the Golden Age Green Lantern's costume return to the puffy shirt rather than the spandex look it had in the 70s and 80s. That's the same thing they've done with the GA Flash...he used to just have what was basically spandex. Now he has actual clothes!
I like that his hair's greyish too. And the inconsistancy doesn't have to matter.

He's Starheart, right. Looks how he wants. So it makes sense that he'd probably, if only subconsciously, want to look older in the presence of his fellows. Whereas in Checkmate, it's more dog-eat-dog, so he'll want to seem more in his prime. Something like that.
I didn't even notice the puffy shirt!

And Jay's obviously not wearing a spandex top etiher. That's wonderful!
Man, Ma Hunkle must go through a barrelful of Windex every week.
I like the subtlety in those costumes... the JSA always struck me as the type of guys that made their costumes themselves, and Jay, Ted and Alan are definitely keeping it real in that regard. Although, Scott's pants are hiked up big time. If he unzips his fly, he could only get to his belly button. Oh well, I guess the keeper of the green flame needeth not accessible junk...
I haven't read JSA since the Spectre story, in which Tom Mandrake drew a few pages. Dale Eaglesham is a great choice for the book, however, and my interest is piqued.
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