Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The Postman Did It.

Can YOU explain why Superman and this local postman are so chummy?

Why, it's Willie Lumpkin... the crossover we've all been waiting for!
"We can deliver you comics ... in the mail!"

Postal subscription house ad?
it's elementary:

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night nor kryptonite stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds"
I'm not sure that it is a chummy picture. Look at the Postman's stoicism. Look at Superman's grimace.

This has one of those awkward social situations feelings like when you're at a party and you're kind of sort of chatting with a stranger. It's not a great conversation, maybe the postman is a little weird or Superman has some super bad breath from the onion dip. Then all of a sudden some drunken partygoer trying to capture the moment tells the two of you to pose for a picture and you do but it's totally uncomfertable. That is what this picture says to me.
I'm guessing Superman is trying to get people to forget the phrase 'going postal'.
Am I the only person who did a double-take when he first saw the picture, because he originally thought he saw Superman with his arm around Adolf Hitler's shoulder?

I am?


Forget I mentioned it....
Oh, and it's because the mailman finally delivered that discretely-wrapped-in-brown-paper package our favourite Man of Steel had sent away for.

Woman of Kleenix be damned! Lois is gonna have one fun night!
My first thought was that it was Alfred dressed up as a postman in order to fool some villain or nosy parker in World's Finest...

Then I realized, that doesn't make any sense. But doesn't it look like that end of the story bit where Superman's explaining that the postman was really Alfred in disguise? And so he and Clark Kent could go to the same party, or something, and no one would realize Bruce Wayne was really Batman...or something...

You just get conditioned to thinking that way, after a while!

Superman with his arm around a mail-carrying Hitler is probably funnier, though.
Of course Superman is chummy with his postman! The postman brings care packages from Ma Kent! Superman loves himself some homemade cookies, yes sir!
I WAS going to say because that nice postman brings him his porn, but the cookies do make a lot more sense.

Now Batman on the other hand...!
That yellow spot under the Mailman's makes it look like Superman dished out some whuppin'.

Supes is leaning in real close to whisper, "Tell anyone and you're F^@#ing DEAD."
This is merely so Superman can remind us all that postmen are the real heroes - he is showing gratitude towards all civil servants. Even Superman shudders at the thought of having to deliver credit card offers day in day out while being menaced by four legged blocks of kryptonite snarling and growling and wanting to go for his jugular.

Jeez, when I first saw that picture I thought the postman was Adolf Hitler, and you were wondering if we could guess why Superman was friendly with Adolf Hitler.

(Hey, I guess Allan saw the saem thing).

I'm glad that's not the case. As to why Superman is chummy with the postman, um, maybe he's just getting close so he can use his x-ray vision to check out all the porno mags the postman's got in his bag. I really have no idea.
Strange, I saw Hitler too. And I was all ready with my witty comment:

"Nice costume, Herr Hitler. But the jig is up!"
I didn't see Hitler, but Charles de Gaulle.

Maybe Superman is thinking of growing a moustache and wants to know how hard it is to maintain that bitchin' pencil 'stache.
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