Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Any Guesses?

Funniest comic book-related thing I've heard all week: "God! The next issue of _________ is gonna be excruciating. It's painful to watch a guy write a character who's smarter than him."

Any guesses who said writer may be.

Lady Cop Fact No. 3: How did Bart Allen, the current Flash, come back from the future a man? The specifics are murky but he somehow saw Lady Cop naked.

Anal Invaders from Uranus.

Oh, the writer? I have no idea. I just love the title.
I know! I know! It was...that one dude. You know, the guy who wrote that thing? The comic? About that dude with the powers and stuff? Yeah, that guy's a dumbass.
Are the original Hawk and Firestorm joining the Outsiders?
Anyone who writes Batman?
Thanks, Eliott; that's the intersection I live at!
Grant Morrison talks regularly with Bruce Wayne on how to write his run on Batman.
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