Friday, November 17, 2006


Dear Mike Pellegrino... is a picture of Kristen Bell channeling Veronica Lake or Black Canary, whichever one come first to your mind.

You should let this be the last thing you see tonight so that we all know you went to sleep happy.

Signed, your pals at the comic shop.

Devon, you are my hero. If only I had a wall poster of you instead of my now former hero, Donald Duck.

As for a live-action Black Canary, third time's the charm ('Legends of the Superheroes' , Birds of Prey' Dinah all sucked)!
Thank you, Devon. Thank you
First of all, I'd watch Kristen Bell do almost anything (ref: Reefer Madness), and she's gorgeous in that picture. But, c'mon, when are we going to get the Devon poster from DC Direct?
Wait for the action figure first, Rich.

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I am looknig forward to a new "me," at that.
I'd only buy it if it came packaged with a LADYCOP reprint.
Hi Devon,
Yowza. And how.
She'd make a wonderful Dinah. Um, but can she act? :)
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