Thursday, November 02, 2006


The Life Aquatic

Over at, we scooped the big boys and broke the story that DC has decided to beat swords into ploghshares. As of issue 50, Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis will become Aquaman. How novel. It will be written by science fiction/comic scribe Tad Williams.

Feel free to read the interview as it is really good, offering major insight into many things Aquaman.

...and if you've been reading "Seven Hells!" lately you might have noticed that a certain somebody stopped by and dropped a bombshell on her way out the door.

Something "Lady Cop" may be happening in The All-New Atom #6.

Will she joining the cast? Will she be just be mentioned? I have no idea but all I can say is this:

Any Lady Cop is good Lady Cop.

So to celebrate, as of today, I'm starting the "Countdown To The All-New Atom #6." Everyday I will leave you with fabulous facts you might not have known about Liza Warner, Lady Cop.

Lady Cop Fact No. 1: Liza Warner's billy club was, at one point, The Spear of Destiny.

So while Lady Cop was on the beat, people were protected from getting any sort of VD?
I didn't really get an idea of what the All-New Aquaman is going to involve. Are they just ditching Busiak's "Sword" version of the character? I really quite like him, and I think The Big "A" is long overdue for a reboot instead of another ill-conceived reinvention.
She can protect young women from VD - but can she protect herself from Hitler germs?
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