Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Reason Number One To Love The Third Smartest Man In The World

Michael Holt a.k.a. Mr. Terrific.

JSA Chairman.

Checkmate's White King.

Third smartest man in the DC Universe.

Number one in the Bordeaux boudoir.

Take that, Batman!


Yeah, but Batman is...
1. on the JLA (top brass, at that),
2. is probably the first or second smartest man in the DCU (is there an official list anyway?)
3. Checkmate has to steal his stuff (Brother Eye, anyone?)
4. And he bedded down Sasha first.

Mister Terrific is... great and all, but Batman is the goddamn Batman.
Third-smartest, my eye. Batman's more of a detective, doesn't have ANY Olympic medals, and Lex Luthor, what, spends most of his time getting beat on and insulted by everyone from Superman on down to Whatever The Heck Roy Harper Is Calling Himself These Days.

Third-smartest. Pah. I put it to you, sirs, that Mr. Terrific is smartest.
I've been told the "Smartest Person in the DCU" goes in this order:

1. Ray Palmer
2. Luthor
3. Mr. Terrific

However, the same person argues that Terrific should be moved up to #1. That's because A)We haven't seen Palmer since Identity Crisis, so he hasn't done anything to protect his standing, and B) Luthor was rocking the purple shirt look in Infinite Crisis, so no way can he be smarter than Mr. terrific.

Yeah, the second reason is kinda weak, but whatever, I'll take Mr. Terrific over Batman. Heck, even Batman steals ideas from Mr. Terrific!
Off topic:

As I promised, Devon, my defense of Civil War. :)

As far as Mr. Terrific, well, when you're third smartest, is it any surprise you'll bed Batman's sloppy seconds? :)
Beg to diff, Rob.

Batman never got the drawers.

As you can palinly see in the second panel, Holt got 'em, made 'em drop AND was gentleman enough to give 'em back to her.
Hey, if he's got his costume on, can Sasha's robot eye see him?
Wow, that's...


Michael Holt, third sexiest man in the world!

That's definitely terrific!
Michael Holt, third sexiest man in the world!

At least third! Yowza!!
From what I've read in other places Ted Kord (Blue Beetle II) was either number 2 or number 1. With a 192 IQ that would make Ted smarter than Batman.
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