Friday, July 27, 2007


Kyle Rayner: ADULT!

Wanna see Kyle Rayner summed up in two pages?

Want to see Donna Troy's new purpose as a "professional love interest" summed up in one page?

Taken from Wonder Woman, Vol. 2, issue 125


Oh Byrne pages overfilled with speech balloons... you both delight and annoy.
That last panel on the first page, he's standing in a pose they usually reserve for female characters. I guess this just highlights how stupid that sort of pose really is.
Stay away from her Kyle, she's no good for you! I hear she's going to start making goo goo eyes at Jason Todd of all people.

Donna Troy has the worst taste in men...ever.
Yay! I missed this feature!
I like to think Kyle was thinking, "I made the mask too big, didn't I/ It's so easy to go overboard. God, I must look like an idiot!"
I just find it's funny that he's thinking, "If it weren't for what Hal did, I might be as revered as Superman!"
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