Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Buy This...

...with your own money!

Doctor Thirteen: Architecture & Mortality!

The trade paperback comics blogging created!


Ok... put one in my box and I'll buy it tonight :)
Fine! I'm buying it!

Oh, wait, you and Ben already strong armed me into it at lunch time. Just when I thought I'd be able to go a week without a TPB.

Ya big bully!
You'll thank me.
Okay. Soon as my budget allows or do I get punished for waiting.

I was going to mug an old lady and buy the TPB with someone else's money just to prove I was my own man and didn't have to live by your rules, but then I remembered I already have the story in the old-fashioned serialized format.

So I suppose you won.

This time....
Wow! This was so awesome I feel cooler just from having read it.

Once Act II kicked off, every page turn showed me something cooler than the last.

I thought bananas as a metaphor was the tops, then they took it to fascist vampire gorilla!
Oh yes, this is definitely coming home with me. And I even bought all those terrible Spectres, JUST to get this story.
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