Thursday, September 06, 2007


When Comics Are Good: Thor #3

Monthly comics, when done well, came be pretty euphoric.

Thor #3 is a cause for sheer euphoria!

A god speaks in soliloquy and all a man in a metal suit of armor can do is listen.


If there's ever been a greater punking in comics than the one Thor gives Iron Man, I've never seen it.

Wait a minute, on second thought, maybe I have.

Yup, it's that epic.

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Best line in that BoP you cite: "You smell like my dad!"
Well, obviously I haven't read it but is the thrashing that Thor gives Iron Man better than the one that the Hulk gave Iron Man?

that would be pretty impressive.
Isn't it an interesting move on Marvel's part to make Tony such an unsympathetic character right before his movie comes out?

Bring on the thrashing of the tin can!
I for one enjoyed Thor punking Iron Man. Classic. Better than when Hal Jordon clocked Batman!
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