Monday, December 24, 2007


Buying Comics

It didn't occur to me until yesterday, I hadn't read a comic book in nearly two weeks.

It was freeing.

Comics. They aren't my whole day anymore.

Yesterday, I made my way to Fantom Comics (Good people there) and looked at the racks and something interesting happened. I looked at them as a fan. Not as a retailer, as a fan.

I didn't look at their racks and wonder how many they ordered or how many they needed to re-order. I didn't have to worry about any of it. They were just there waiting for me.


I looked at the racks and realized that I didn't have to read anything I didn't want to anymore. I realized wouldn't have to put up with the nonsense I was subjected to in order to do something I loved.

I really wasn't enjoying my comics like I used to.

I had come to regard them as folded pieces of colored paper.

I walked out with 6 comics. No Countdown crossovers, no X-anything, just the things I wanted to read at the time.

I walked out knowing that I was free to be a fan, again.

I know EXACTLY how you feel. It wasn't comics for me, it was improv, but "retirement" has at once freed me and made me appreciate it more when I go as a fan, not as an organizer, which I was for some 20 years.

Merry Christmas, Devon.
So what were those six comics you walked out of the store with??

Batman & The Outsiders
Immortal Iron Fist
Mighty Avengers (Just to finish the Cho run)
As always Devon! Fine taste. That's my primary list of favorites from month to month...
That is awesome.
I, too, had a similar experience when I left Blockbuster.

All of a sudden, I didn't have to watch all the latest blockbusters and "comedies". No one was going to be asking my opinion of them anymore. And I was finally able to watch all the movies I'd been meaning to since I started the job.

Of course, I had to pay for them now, but I'd much rather pay for something I want to see than watch crap for free, you know?
But then there's the question, which one do you go to? Are you going to Union Station with Brooks? Or are you going to the more sensible location for you?
Tenleytown makes more sense, honestly but everyone's doing Union Station.

I'm probably leaning towards Union so that I can be with the people.
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