Thursday, December 27, 2007


"Who Is She? Where Did She Come From?"

*sigh*... Yvonne Craig's Batgirl. You never forget your first crush.

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I always loved when Batgirl showed up. It added something different to the daily Batman-Robin routine. But watching the clips, there's some small things I love:

1. the valve on the sphincter motorcycle exit is *painted* onto the door! (presumably to give the illusion that it has a valve handle?)

2. that millionaire Bruce Wayne goes to the Gotham PUBLIC library to study lepidoptery with his other millionaire lepidopterist buddies and youthful ward!! And to be able to borrow the last copy of a book that is no longer in print from the public library!!

Ya' sure can't do that these days!

ah...the good ol' days...

Great videos, thanks for posting those. I love the theme song, ha ha!
"Who's baby are you, are you from outer space...Batgggggirl, Batgirl!"

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