Thursday, March 26, 2015


The Return Of The King

The greatest Aquaman story never to be collected, writer Will Pfeifer and artist Patrick Gleason's AQUAMAN: SUB DIEGO, finally is!

And it only took DC Comics about a decade to realize it.


Holy smokes, you're back, if only for a minute! It's been way too long for my tastes. Back in the day your blog was one of my favorites, and in fact I am back today just because I wanted to look at some archives.
Awww... thanks, KingB!

I miss doing this.

I miss being so excited about comics that I'd want to wake up and write about them.

I have to admit, DC's "new 52" initiative seems designed to make me apathetic about their efforts but I still love what came before.

I can't promise anything but I wouldn't hate firing up this blog again and seeing where it takes me.

Best to you,
Devon Sanders
I think you can manage more than one post every seven years, young man!

Are there any comics that you're excited about? TV shows? Movies?

What are the things you think the nu52 got wrong?

What are three things you want to see in a good Superman story? How about in a Wonder Woman story? How about in a Flash story (you get to pick which Flash)?
Seriously, if I ever run out of ideas, I'm coming to you.
I swear, the "three things" standard is one that DC (or Marvel or Image or even the "Beetle Bailey" guys) should give serious thought to. It would quickly help them weed out bad story ideas or figure out how to repair them.

Superman's writers are the biggest offenders; Superman has basically been going the wrong direction for 50 years. The top three things I want to see in a Superman story are:

1) Superman has time for anyone who needs him. A lonely child, an alien death robot rampaging through Metropolis, a criminal who regrets his crimes. And he doesn't talk down to them or treat them like lesser beings.

2) Superman tries to inspire people to be their best.

3) Superman uses his powers creatively.

It's obviously a subjective matter, but I put it to you that Superman was doing this stuff 50 years ago, before the Bronze Age, and it worked. That first one is the biggie. What is everyone's favorite scene from "All-Star Superman"? Saving the girl from jumping to her death, I would bet, and it's got #1 and #2 all over it. ("Phrasing!")

Even Geoff Johns did #1 and #2 ("Phrasing!" Shut up, Archer!) in his last issue of "Superman". Of course Superman had briefly lost his powers so he had no choice but to use his words and bluff rather than use his fists, but I really, really wish that was his M.O. even when he was at full power.

Did not leave a comment on your 10-year anniversary post because I would have felt it was strange to commemorate it with "Devon talks to his (currently) single reader", but congrats! Any time you want to post, I will be happy to read.
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