Sunday, June 28, 2015


Off The Top Of My Head Canon

Said it once and I'll say it again, Rashida Jones (Parks And Recreation) is absolutely my head canon Lois Lane.

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A Lois Lane who wears glasses is a Lois Lane who gets confused looking in the mirror. It'll never work.

I love Rashida Jones though, and suggest her proper role is Lois's friend, who is the first to inform Lois that Clark and Superman look almost identical. Lois at first completely dismisses the idea and Rashida gives one of her classic reaction shots, but soon Lois warms to the idea, and Rashida's main role is to talk Lois out of dangerous stunts to test the Clark / Superman theory.

... but how about Rashida Jones as Lucy Lane? Don't dismiss it out of hand; I think this works. It would give Jimmy a good girlfriend for once, and instead of Lucy being a heartless beast, she'd be more about teasing her slightly dopey beau. That would explain her proximity to Lois, and could also serve to help Lois cool her jets ("Lolo, the guy has saved the city, what, a dozen times; doesn't he deserve a little quiet and privacy if he wants it?"). In general, it would allow Rashida to remain just on the margins of the whole Superman situation, which is the best vantage point for observing how nutty it is and doing Rashida Jones reaction shots.
... wait, Lois DOES work, but it has to be a Lois who immediately gets the whole secret identity thing, and plays along because decent person. But after a while she finds it exhausting and just tells Clark she knows, and Clark keeps up the pretense and looks ridiculous doing so.

Okay, I can totally see Rashida as Lois under those circumstances. She just can't be someone who is fooled by Clark's glasses.
The funny thing was was that I chose the pic with the glasses for many of reasons you pointed out.

Jones, in her past performances, has this knack for knocking down others' BS. Glasses wouldn't fool her at all.

Like you said, she would go along and keep letting Clark shovel his own sh*t until she would become so fed up that she'd give him an ultimatum to come clean and tell her why he thinks she's an idiot.
Whereas this is what I always think of as the best Lois Lane yet put to screen:

Rashida would work better on an ongoing basis, I grant you; and I'm always happy for all the Rashida Jones we can get.
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