Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Thank you, Old Chum.

He was my first and in so many ways, best Batman.

His Batman/Bruce Wayne was one of the first things I remember bringing a smile to my young face.

He was my first and favorite babysitter.

Last year, I got a chance to meet Adam West along with Burt Ward and was able to tell him just how much joy his performances meant to me.

He made me want to be one of the good guys.

Thank you so much, Adam West.

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My eyes teared a bit when Seven Hells popped up in my RSS feed
One of my favorite things about the Internet is, it allows celebrities to stay in contact with fans. I would bet there wasn't a day in the past decade, or more, when Adam West couldn't visit the Internet and see how beloved he was all over the world. I'm glad he got that. Time was, a celebrity would be typecast for a given role and then be forgotten except as the punchline to a joke; indeed that's where Adam West was for a long time. Then things got better for him.

I've been back at it for two years now. I publish sporadically and when I feel like something needs saying. It is nice to have this again. It brought and still brings me a lot of joy.


You're so right. Got a chance to meet him last year and everyone who met him showed so much love. I was very happy to see him get that.
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