Monday, August 07, 2017


Books You Deserve To Be Reading: Sugar & Spike: Metahuman Investigations

After nearly thirty years, why is there not a KeithGiffen-verse of DC Comics?

Keith Giffen, revitalizer of Justice Leagues and Blue Beetles. Creator of Ambush Bug, Lobo and The Heckler. This man gets to do things at DC that most would never dream of. He largely gets to make enjoyable, largely standalone comics. This go-round, he's tasked with bringing a bright and sunny and lesser known DC Comics humor property into the, at the time, dark and fairly disjointed New 52 and it's soft reboot, DC You.

They're not investigators of the goofy and charged with saying the charms of DC's Silver Age of comics are canon and the results are pretty wonderful.

From an appearance to Batman villain Killer Moth and the existence of zebra striped Batman uniforms to a forgotten island terraformed into the shape of Superman, every page makes you wonder, "Why did any of this happen before?!?"

Giffen is given the chance to go wild and every page gives you the feeling he's asking this question as much for himself as he is for us and of The DC Universe, itself.

And man, Bilquis Evely, one look at her art and you just knew they weren't going to keep her on a niche book like this one for too long. (And, she wasn't as her next assignment was Wonder Woman.)

There's a charm in her line that just shines especially when she gets to illustrate the Silver Age Legion of Superheroes. Whatever she does next will definitely go into my "BUY" pile.

So, if you miss the ridiculous fun of DC 's yesteryears, SUGAR AND SPIKE: METAHUMAN INVESTIGATIONS is a book you deserve to be reading.

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