Thursday, May 19, 2005

Number Three Of The Seven Deadly Signs Of Villainy!

Originally uploaded by Devon Sanders.
Whoa-ho-HO! Now, we're talkin' EVIL! Nothing and I do mean NOTHING says evil like...


Rumor has it Satan has one, too.

I implore you not to grow this dubious form of facial hair. There's no medical evidence to support it but it will turn you evil. Ask our friend, Deathstroke, here. Look at him! He's lyin' to someone as I type this!

After growing a goatee, Deathstroke started killing for money and having sex with buck-toothed minors. That's right. The worst of the worst, Deathstroke is among other things, A PEDOPHILE.

Just when you thought, he couldn't get any worse, Deathstroke was last seen teaming up with the BALD AND EVIL Lex Luthor.


Side effects of the goatee are as follows: excessive stroking of the goatee AND excessive evil. So, don't be a dumb-ass and grow a goatee.



Shane Bailey said...

Are there any bald, monacle wearing, goatee villains?

Anonymous said...

Hope you'll spend some time on one of the most deadly of the seven deadly signs of villainy:

The presence of five stanzas of three lines each rhyming a-b-a and a sixth stanza of four lines rhyming a-b-a-a, giving a total of nineteen lines. The first line of the first stanza is reused as the third line of stanzas two, four, and six. The third line of the first stanza is reused as the third line of stanzas three and five and as the fourth line of the sixth stanza.

Um. Wait.


That's not a deadly sign of villainy.

That's a deadly sign of villanelle.

My bad.

Scipio said...

Agreed, Devon; that's how we know Green Arrow is evil.

Shane, such a person is not possible. They would simply EXPLODE from being too evil.

Villanelle? Cortisone will clear that up nicely, Glen.

Scipio said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, especially since he's also got a cigarette holder, which just HAS to be the fourth sign....

Devon said...

Cigarette holder is not No. $, friend. Four will be revealed...TONIGHT!

Devon said...

OOPs! I meant to say No. 4.

Scipio said...


Universo is bald, has a goatee, and wears a monocle.

Therefore Universo is the most evil person in the DCU.

Devon said...

BTW, I decided to shave off mine yesterday. I think I'll go and pet a kitten.

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