Sunday, May 01, 2005

Power Girl

Originally uploaded by Devon Sanders.
Why? Because I can.


JackM said...



I mean...


I really mean...

God Bless DC!!

Devon said...

God blessed that young lady.

Anonymous said...

Tsk. What's the matter with her HAIR? It's all wrong - much too long and limp and the streaks are just awful.

Hm? What?

Why uh ... yes, I do happen to be a gay guy.

What's your point?

Scipio said...

"Originally uploaded"?

Is THAT what they're calling it nowadays?!

someone with a butt said...

she doesn't even have a butt.

Devon said...

If you're who I think you are, you TRULY are "someone with a butt" and definitely would know.

Ratbat said...

Curious; where does this photo come from?

Devon said..., I believe.

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