Friday, December 02, 2005

Seven Reasons To Become A DC Comics Fan No. 2

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Reason Number Two:

This scene can be found in Legends: The Collection trade paperback.

In The DC Universe, being a Black woman, in and of itself, is practically a superpower.

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Scipio said...

I love her. You know why?

Because she's FAT.

There used to be lots of fat people in comics. They weren't stupid or incapable. They were just big. Nowadays, even supporting cast members have to be model beautiful.

It's kind of like what happened on "The Real World".

Amanda Waller is "living" proof that comic book characters don't have to be dropdead gorgeous to be interesting, popular, or inspiring.

Scarlett Drake said...

I want my Amanda Waller DC Direct figure.

Franny said...

I want an Amanda Waller Barbie to fight with my Supergirl. They could just use the Rosie O'Donnell body mold. It would be perfect.

Amy said...

Amanda Waller for the win!

I was so glad to see her get badass face time on Justice League Unlimited.

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Amanda Waller was one of the best damn characters ever created. I can't think of another character in comics who felt so...well, so much like a real human.

Man, I miss Suicide Squad.

What's John Ostrander writing these days?

Devon said...

Ostrander's doing new Grimjack Tales for IDW Publications.

R Greene said...

I also love her. But I'm not sure if the blue strappy heels they have her in are really in character for her. And they don't even match the overly heavy eyeshadow. Maybe it's a scare tactic...