Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Devon's Kinda True Cully Hamner Story

Cully: How's it goin'?

Devon: Ummm... fine. You still doing sketches?

Cully: Yeah. I am. What would you like?

Devon: Ummm... Tesla Strong.

Cully: Hm. O.K.

Devon: Great. (Hands him cash) Thanks.

(I hover for a bit.)

Devon: I'm sorry for hovering but I have to say this....

Devon: I always thought you were Black.

Cully: (Laughing) Brian (Stelfreeze), did you hear that?

Brian: No. What was it?

Cully: (Pointing at me) He thought I was Black.

Brian: You're not.

Cully: You know you're the second person to say that? Why are people amazed that I'm not Black?

Devon: Well, you used to draw Green Lantern: Mosaic, right?

Cully: Yeah?

Devon: Well, you, keep in mind it was the early 90's, right? Black characters were being drawn like White people but with Afros. You used to draw John Stewart with... umm... kinda big lips.

Cully: (Laughing) Yeah?

Devon: I figured you were either Black or just a really good artist. Now, I know that you're just a really good artist.

Then, he pulled out a twenty-one sided die, made a critical hit, conjured up a Pegasus and rode off into the sunset.

Cully Hamner is a really good artist who'll be drawing Black Lightning: Year One soon and I can't wait.


Matt Worzala said...

My favorite part of the story is the "Hey, Brian? Get this guy" segment.

Very funny.

zundian said...

So wait, Cully Hamner ISN'T black? The hell? Where'd we all get that idea?

Walking through Destinys Garden said...

someone must have reversed the polarity on the minori-beam beam beam

Drew said...

Isn't the Crimson Dawn what gave Psylocke that temporary eye tatoo,

Daniel said...

HAHA Awesome story!!! Man i miss Green Lantern: Mosaic.

love the blog...keep up the good work.

Jon Hex said...

I got a Nightwing sketch from Cully Hamner.

John Foley said...

And did you think Brian Stelfreeze was white?

Hale of Angelthorne said...

This has been "Brush with greatness"...

At least you handled it with a little more dignity than I did when I found myself in a Nashville elevator with James Taylor.

"'re James Taylor."

"Yes, yes, I am."

"Uhhh...I like your music..."

"Thanks." (stabs the elevator button and gets off on the wrong floor to call security)

Scipio said...

I hope at least that the Pegasus was black. With big lips!

Devon Sanders said...



Allen said...

Cully Hamner and Brian Stelfreeze were two most awesomest people I met at HeroesCon several years ago. Cully was a really nice guy (talked to me a bit about his process and how he lays out his pages) and Brian was... well, Brian Stelfreeze. That man's passion for his art and for teaching and inspiring others was impressive. If I hadn't been fans of both of theirs before that con, I would've been after.

ASK said...

Green Lantern Mosaic was awesome. One of the best series that DC put out in the 1990s.

Doug said...

So, Devon, what'd Cully sketch for you?