Friday, May 06, 2005


Free Comic Book Day!

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Saturday, May 7th is Free Comic Book Day! Free Comic Book Day, people. How many industries break their backs (and break open their own wallets) to give something away? You think I'm crazy? Saturday, go to a movie theater and ask for a free ticket. What do you think the response will be? Now, if you go to your friendly, neighborhood comic book store and ask for a free comic, Saturday, what do you think the response will be? Plain and simple, you'll get a free comic book. A FREE comic book!

Saturday, hop across the rooftops with Spider-Man. Feel the cold Gotham wind whip through your cape as you go on an adventure with The Batman. Find out whether you're a Betty or a Veronica, or even a Katy Keene. Laugh, despite yourself, with Johnny Ryan's Loady McGhee. Discover that The Simpsons of the comics, are funnier than The Simpsons of television.

Saturday, May 7th is the day! Discover fun again. Bring the kids! Show them how cool it is to know Batman on a first name basis.

Don't know where your local comic shop is? We've even got that covered for you. 1-888-COMIC BOOK is the number to call to find out. So, come on out to your local comic shop. For one sweet day, fun's on the house.

Katy Keene.

I'm a Reggie, really. HAW!
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