Saturday, May 21, 2005


I Guess This Is A Backhanded "Thank You" To Mr. Lucas

I have a confession to make. One that could rock the very foundations of comicdom.

I, a comic book shop manager, don't really care much about Star Wars.

I said it and I'm not backing down from it. I'll fight you if I have to! I just never "got" what the big deal was. If I wanted space opera, I could read Adam Strange and I didn't. Where is it written that comic book fans are automatically Star Wars fans. Why do Star Wars fans act like I probed their ferret with a Q-Tip when I answer them, "...and no, I'm probably not going to see it."

My mother, God bless her soul, took me to see the first three and when "Star Wars:The Phantom Menace" was set for release, she asked, "Aren't you excited?" I hated to do it but I told her, She then said, "But-but I took you to see all three movies!" My reply, "I know, but what kid's going to turn down a day at the movies with his mother."

Now I'm not going to start "soapboxing" about why I don't particularly care for "Wars" but I'd just like to say to its' fans "to each his own." You've got your nostalgia, I've got mine. Mine is more of time spent with my mother, nothing more. I can't recreate the time but I guess I should be thankful to have had it.

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