Thursday, May 19, 2005



Scipio Garling
Originally uploaded by Devon Sanders.
While "Googling" images for future reference, I decided to look up The Absorbascon's Scipio Garling under "Images."

What'd I get?

A picture of a mischievious little imp causing trouble for everyone...AGAIN!

Go to the "Links" section to see what trouble he's getting into this week.

I was going to bite your head off for your invidious deception...

until I did the search myself.

I am uncharacteristically speechless.
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The most evil thing outside the DC universe!
Please don't click on any of the links. They're just spam and totally inappropriate.
Links aren't active anyway...

courtesy of a little 5th dimensional magic!!
Oh, and have you seen whose picture turns up on a Google image search of YOUR name, wiseguy.

Mary Jane Watson.
I'd have sex with Spider-Man? Ewww!
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